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The allergies I never knew I had! 

I recently had the opportunity to have myself privately tested for food intolerances, but with a big discount.  There are four types of allergy categories: allergy type 1 is Ige-medicated allergy or true allergy.    The reaction happens either straight away or after a few minutes. Reactions can range from sneezing to hives or an… Continue reading The allergies I never knew I had! 

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Fermenting, fermenting, fermenting! 

Leading on from my blog about all the lovely things that have been bubbling away in my house, I also wanted to share with you some other of my other favourite fermented foods. I never liked sauerkraut but I knew I had to try it. I found some red cabbage and beetroot sauerkraut and loved… Continue reading Fermenting, fermenting, fermenting! 

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Bubbling jars of love! 

In serval corners of my house there are jars or bottles of things fermenting and bubbling. Visitors will often be offered a taste of these amazing (in my opinion) substances, they often find them tangy or sour, but I love them.  It all started approximately a year ago with Milk Kefir. Milk Kefir grains are… Continue reading Bubbling jars of love! 

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A catch up with the Nutritionist

It’s been two months since my first appointment with my nutritionist, my sister, Jessica Backhouse. I’ve lost over two stones! For the first time in about 10 years I’m 10 ½ stones! This is amazing, I feel great. Sometimes I can feel the stress building up, so I have an Epsom Salt bath which completely… Continue reading A catch up with the Nutritionist