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The cry of war- Eczema week 2017

The cry of war entered our house through the scream of my baby. My daughter was 6 weeks old when eczema waged war on us, we knew this enemy well as we had battled the condition with our son for most of his life. This time the enemy was far more brutal and invaded more and… Continue reading The cry of war- Eczema week 2017

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Have you heard of CHILDS FARM?

Childs Farm launched in 2011, they have a range of products for children that contain natural, ‘free from’ ingredients with no parabens, SLSs, mineral oils or artificial colours. Childs Farm is now the second largest baby & child toiletries company in the U.K. In fact, they won gold this year at the Mother & Baby… Continue reading Have you heard of CHILDS FARM?

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Dusty Girls Natural Make Up. 

When I received my box of MooGoo, Dusty Girls makeup I was so excited, natural makeup at last! The box it was delivered in has a big cow on each side, Monkey always loves to colour in the cow.  The makeup itself is also beautifully packaged in mellow, dusky tones and lovely natural illustrations. On… Continue reading Dusty Girls Natural Make Up. 

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Bubbling jars of love! 

In serval corners of my house there are jars or bottles of things fermenting and bubbling. Visitors will often be offered a taste of these amazing (in my opinion) substances, they often find them tangy or sour, but I love them.  It all started approximately a year ago with Milk Kefir. Milk Kefir grains are… Continue reading Bubbling jars of love!