Trying to have my little Monkey was one of the hardest things I’ve done. It felt like an eternity before I conceived him, but two years and one miscarriage later he arrived! Now he’s 2 years old and my little Ladybird is here, too.

I’ve been with my husband, Dan, since 2009 and married since 2012. Life hasn’t always been easy, I’ve had OCD since I was young, but with the support of family and friends life has turned out sweet. I was always worried about how I would cope with a baby with my OCD, but it’s been good. Up and down, but we are all alive and happy.
I’ve never been into blogging but, why not? I thought “let’s see what happens”. Even if it’s just me that reads them, I don’t mind! 

 I’m Laura, 30 next year! Life isn’t always easy but it’s always fun and with a toddler, baby and husband it’s non stop!! I am dyslexic, so you will have to excuse my poor spelling at times. I also have dyspraxia, but if I drop my laptop whilst typing you won’t be able to tell, so that’s ok.
My little monkey has several allergies which means we have to carry around an epi pen everywhere where we go. Because of this as a family we have taken on a new super healthy gluten free, sugar free diet to try and fix monkeys gut! 

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