Before we had children I would say we were healthy, but looking back it wasn’t true. Take aways, sweets, garlic bread, puddings, we LOVED food. Having children has changed my relationship with what I put in my mouth completely. It all really started to change when I began to wean my son, known as Monkey. 

 I started to look at what I was eating and I would ask myself “do I want my child eating this?”. The answer was “no”. I started to make my own pasta sauces, puddings and pizzas instead of buying them. I have a close friend with a child the same age who is very healthy, I started to look at what she ate and I knew that’s what I should be feeding my child. 

My opinion on what is truly healthy began to change then, when we started to realise that Monkey had allergies, the healthy eating went up a gear as we were restricted in what we could have. Monkey is allergic to: most nuts, chickpeas, sesame, fish, dogs and, I suspect, gluten. Since taking him off gluten his skin has improved.

When my second child, Ladybird, was 8 months old we had our first allergy clinic appointment. We left the clinic with confirmation that she is allergic to: dairy, eggs, wheat and kiwi. I now also suspect she is allergic to oats. I felt that I had been punched in the face, 11 allergies between two children! After three days of crying and wondering what I was going to do, I did what my mother taught me. I picked myself up and dealt with it. That same week I had my first official appointment with Jessica.

My sister, Jessica Backhouse, was training to be a nutritionist. She has and still does pass on so much love and advice about how I can use nutrition to help nourish and fix our bodies. She has slowly introduced us as a family to a way of loving our food, microorganisms and feeling good.

If you had told me three years ago I would have lost 4 stone in 10 months, and have jars of bubbling fermenting foods around my kitchen and hallway, I would have thought you were mad, but I have.

The big Monkey I haven’t mentioned is my amazingly supportive husband. We have been married for 5 years and I couldn’t wish for a more hard working best mate to support me through life. He has travelled this road with me and the children.

I am trying to help cure my children’s multiple allergies and my OCD, dyspraxia, depression and anxiety with sugar free, low processed wholesome food. I’m not perfect though and I do have slip ups.