5 ways to get your children to eat fermented foods

A big part of gut healing and the Weston A Price Foundation diet is fermented foods.

Fermenting food and drink removes toxins and supplies your gut with living microorganisms, which help breakdown food and digest it. It’s important to get as much fermented foods and drinks into our little one’s diet as possible, but this can be easier said than done. As every parent knows, the trick is to disguise food. I also use these technique on my husband!

1) Milk kefir
It all started with milk kefir for us, I spent weeks trying to get my toddler to just have a spoons full everyday but so often it didn’t work. Now I often make my little boy a milkshake with added milk kefir with lots of banana and cocoa so he doesn’t  notice. I’ve just started to soak his oats in kefir milk and water over night, which helps to make it more digestible but also makes it very sour. After I’ve cooked it add in some more kefir and honey even though is sour he still loves it.

Kefir water, Milk Kefir and ginger bug.

2) Fermented drinks
Ginger bug, kombucha, water kefir what ever you fancy. Traditional Fermented drinks are great for you in fact it can be argued that they are better than plain water as they easy digestion of food and rapidly replace lost minerals ions which give an energy lift.

These three are my favourites. Everyday I put ginger bug in my children’s drinks (with a little bit of organic squash for my son as it was the only way I could get him to drink, grumble) I’ve started to explain to my son why I do this at first he didn’t like it now he will drink it and is starting to understand. 

We also have water kefir and flavoured kombucha. 

3) Fermented grated vegetables!

We tired sauerkraut and it really grew on me but the I had my allergy intolerances done (read about it Here) and turns Im intolerant to cabbage. Also the taste was a bit to strong for my toddler so now I grate vegetables like carrots, courgettes and sweet potato add salt water and leave for a few days. When they are fermented I mix them in with mash potato, buckwheat pasta, soups or anything else I can. You can also ferment frozen peas in salt water. 

Fermented carrot
4) Fermented fruit 
My daughters favourite especially blueberries, apples and cherries. As soon as she sees them she starts flapping her arms in joy. You can ferment them by mixing kefir water, honey and filter water and leave for a few days. 

4) Ketchup

What child or adult doesn’t like ketchup, my son used to have it but now we understand it’s not actually that great for you. I try to make it so we don’t miss out as much as possible so when I found fermented ketch up I knew I was on to a winner! I’ve done it a few times, but haven’t found a recipe I’m 100% on but when I do I will let you know! 

Kefir water sourdough bread

5) Kefir Sour Dough

I must say trying to a dairy, egg, wheat and junk free picnic that two toddlers can eat on the go can be a pain. We often have soups but it’s not as convenient as a good old sandwich. I’ve tried traditional soup dough twice we don’t get on. So after a bit of research I found I could do a 24 hour sour dough with kefir water I was chuffed. 

There are so many types of fermented foods from so many cultures you just need to be brace and have ago. It’s always better to make your own as then you know it’s good quality. 

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