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The cry of war- Eczema week 2017

The cry of war entered our house through the scream of my baby. My daughter was 6 weeks old when eczema waged war on us, we knew this enemy well as we had battled the condition with our son for most of his life. This time the enemy was far more brutal and invaded more and more areas. 

She was always a screamer, and sometimes this would hit hysterical. We chose to go into alliance with steroid creams, again, more and more, stronger and stronger. Months past and we were losing the battle. Weaning early exposed another enemy: allergies. Eggs, dairy, wheat, kiwi, oats. Just like the war with our son’s allergies.

We meet other victims fighting their own war against eczema, so many war plans were suggested. We tried as many as we could, but the eczema always changed it’s tactics. 
Things weren’t getting better, the war was waging on. She was so itchy, upset, red and raw, we needed to change alliances. We broke away from steroids, chemicals and conventional medicine in search of something more natural: coconut oil, lavender oil, tea tree oil and a variation of over the counter natural based creams.
We took the battle underground by recruiting microorganisms and traditional nourishing foods. We spend hours preparing our weapons: gut healing bone broths, kefir, fermented foods/ drinks and more. Fermented fruit and drink was the favourite every time.
The improvement was remarkable, she was less itchy and irritable. Small improvements became bigger. Sometimes we gained ground, sometimes we lost it but we just need to keep fighting, and we are absolutely not giving up!

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