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The allergies I never knew I had! 

I recently had the opportunity to have myself privately tested for food intolerances, but with a big discount. 

There are four types of allergy categories: allergy type 1 is Ige-medicated allergy or true allergy.   

The reaction happens either straight away or after a few minutes. Reactions can range from sneezing to hives or an anaphylactic shock.
At the other end of the allergy scale is type lll allergy or IgG-medicated allergy/food intolerances. The symptoms are delayed and ” …. include: anxiety, depression, IBS, headaches/migraines, fatigue, hypertension, eczema, asthma, joint pain, chronic rhinitis, arthritis, weight problems and fibromyalgia. It is possible to eliminate the offending food(s) from the diet for a short period of time and then gradually re-introduce them when symptoms have improved.” Patients Guidebook, Cambridge Nutritional Sciences
The food print test I had done was to test to see if I had any type lll allergies. They check the level of IgG antibodies detected for each food, the higher the number of antibodies the more my body reacted to it. Out of 120 foods tested I had elevated levels for 24, and border line for 5. So I have a food intolerance to 24 foods and 5 I’m border line for. Remarkably, I share 7 intolerances in common with my daughter and 5 with my son. In fact, my top 3 allergies are Ladybird’s allergies: oats, milk (cow) and egg whites. Then milk (goats), wheat, wheat bran, durum wheat. With Monkey we have in common peanut, cashews, hazelnuts, pistachios, and Brazil nuts. (And of course wheat and gluten unconfirmed allergies.) It just shows how intertwined we are as a family. 

One of the first things that crossed my mind was that out of 24 I already don’t have 15 of these foods because of the children being allergic to them. What worried me was that the result maybe wrong, as I haven’t had them for so long but…. “I have been avoiding a food for several months/years. Will this affect my test results? The FoodPrint® IgG antibody test is based on the immune system’s ability to produce antibodies in response to certain foods. If a food has been avoided for more than 3 months, it is likely that IgG antibody levels will be insufficient to be detected by the test and may give a NORMAL result. ” This means that as I haven’t been having a lot of the foods that have shown up as intolerant too, I am probably more intolerant than the results show. Because I wouldn’t have as many antibodies in my system as if I was having the food regularly and my body was reacting to it. 
So let’s talk about reactions these foods could be causing; I don’t have eczema, high blood pressure, asthma, chronic rhinitis or some of the other symptoms. 

But I do have, and have been fighting for most of my life, anxiety and depression. 

Before I started cutting out some of the foods like wheat, gluten, oats and dairy I often felt tired (fatigue) now not so much. (I cut them out as my daughter is allergic to them.) I was overweight for 10 years but I’ve lost just under 4 stones in a year. So if I gave up all of my elevated level foods could I defeat my anxiety, depression and tiredness? I want to try and cut all 24 out but this won’t be an easy thing to do. I have cut out 14 but I am back on dairy as we are slowly introducing my daughter to dairy. 
I currently don’t have oats, egg whites, barley, soya, milk sheep’s, wheat, goats milk, cashews, peanut, hazelnut, wheat bran, pistachio, durum wheat, gluten and Brazil nuts. So left on my list is cows milk, rice, peas, potatoes, almond, beans (red kidney), basil, sunflower and cabbage (savoury/white)

Cows milk is the biggest pain! 
 I will start by cutting out rice and working my way down the list over the next year. Then I will give up dairy after a few months, when my daughter is further along the milk ladder. 

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