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Fermenting, fermenting, fermenting! 

Leading on from my blog about all the lovely things that have been bubbling away in my house, I also wanted to share with you some other of my other favourite fermented foods.
I never liked sauerkraut but I knew I had to try it. I found some red cabbage and beetroot sauerkraut and loved it! So I wanted to try and make my own with flavours that I would enjoy and not have to force myself to eat. As it turned out it’s easy to make.

One of the best tips I have found is when you make sauerkraut you layer the old kraut on top of the fresh kraut which helps it. Such a great idea is to weigh it down, it looks amazing. My first try at kraut was too salty and so stayed crunchy. As I make more, I experiment with different flavours: carrots, ginger, garlic and beetroot so far. Ladybird will quite happily eat sauerkraut all day where Monkey will have a bit, but he isn’t too fussed. 

I have also been fermenting some veg. The kids love fermented carrot sticks, it’s a great healthy snack for them. I cut the carrots up and put them in a jar with salt water (2 tablespoons for 1 litre). After a few days they are bubbly and tasty. I’ve also done this with onions and garlic for cooking, mini cucumbers, runner beans. 
Then I did sour beets. For these I grated beetroot and garlic, and used the same process as sauerkraut. It’s dark, thick and very strong, but Ladybird likes it again, which is a win for me. Mixed into a salad it’s good. 

I’ve also tried kimchi, this is a spicy Korean pickle. For my recipie it’s fermented pak choi, radishes, ginger, chillis and carrot. Wow! It is good even if I say so myself, I’ve made it not too spicy so I can enjoy it.
I have a book full of things to try, which I’m working my way through slowly. It’s so nice to be able to experiment in the kitchen. I used to love making cakes full of sugar, icing and chocolate now I love fermenting food and drink. How times have changed. 
Not having bread makes quick meals so hard, as I can’t just make a sandwich or toast. I’ve started to make a 24 hour sour dough starter. I read about it on a forum: 3 cups of flour to one and a half cups of kefir water. It works a dream, it bubbles up wonderfully. Then I put it into a tin and bake it or make pancakes out of it. I use gram, buckwheat or any other gluten free flour. Unfortunately, if you are used to normal bread you may not like how dense and stodgy it is, but the kids love it as they aren’t used to bread. Also, it doesn’t last long as there are no preservatives or gluten in it. 

As I mentioned in my last blog Here I am doing all of this to fill my family full of good bacteria/ microorganisms . This will help to mend my children’s, husband’s and my guts, skin, bodies and minds. It is working, the difference in my daughter’s skin since I started this is amazing, she is a different child. Her skin is so much better than before which means she and us are happier. She still has eczema and allergies, but we hope it will carry on aiding her and my son to improve and get better. My mood is improving, I feel calmer and happier, I still get low or have mood swings but my journey isn’t over. 

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