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Have you heard of CHILDS FARM?

Childs Farm launched in 2011, they have a range of products for children that contain natural, ‘free from’ ingredients with no parabens, SLSs, mineral oils or artificial colours. Childs Farm is now the second largest baby & child toiletries company in the U.K. In fact, they won gold this year at the Mother & Baby Awards. 

I was so excited to try the Childs Farm moisturiser. The moisturiser we have been using for Ladybird is £16 a bottle, it works really well but we wanted something cheaper as we go through so much. At £3.99 I think the Childs Farm product is a bargain, and compared to Aveeno Daily Care Baby Moisturising Lotion 150ml for £5.99, there’s a clear winner on price.
We are over the moon as it more than does the job and this is what we will be using from now on. It keeps the skin well moisturised, so supporting the skin repair. Ladybird looked amazing after just a few applications. It smells of grapefruit, which I wasn’t sure about at first, but it has grown on me and I really like it now. The pump bottle can be locked so that it is easy to travel with or stop the kids from using it. 

When we went to buy some more moisturiser I couldn’t believe that it was sold out as it is so popular, it just proves how great it is! 
One of the ingredients is shea butter, I rang the allergy clinic to see if this would be alright with Monkey because of his nut allergy. They said to try it in a small patch of his skin. So we did and he was fine with it, which is great! 98% of the ingredients are naturally derived. 
We were sent two new shampoos to try. The first was Sensitive Scalp Shampoo which is £4.99. I tried it first before the children and found it left my hair feeling good and not too tangled, considering I usually have to use conditioner. The shampoo is so mild, it’s unfragranced and contains salicylic acid. Salicyclic acid has antiflamatory properties and comes from willow bark. It aids the removal of dead skin and soothes.
The second shampoo is called “Baby Shampoo” . We took it camping with us and it was passed around between a few children, and was enjoyed. It costs £3.99 for 250ml, and compared to Aveeno Baby Daily Care and Hair which is £5.99 for 300ml, it wins for me, as it is natural and you get more for your money. 
We found it lathered up well and goes far. It contains Argan oils, which moisturise the skin and hair. 

Like all of Childs Farm products, dermatologists and paediatricians have approved it. It has also been proven suitable for sensitive skin that is likely to have eczema, like my babies. 

We love baby wipes, I would love to be more eco and not use them, but with two children they are a must. Childs Farm sent us two packs of baby wipes to try, one fragranced and one fragrance free. 
The wipes are biodegradable, yay! It makes me feel less guilty about the amount of wipes we go through. The wipes surprised me as they where thick, not what I expected. I hate it when wipes are thin and rip as you are using them. They are also 99% natural, which is important as we use them on our children’s sensitive parts! 
The sensitive wipes contain Aloe Vera which help to repair skin and soothe. The fragranced wipes smell divine: natural grapefruit and organic tea tree, truly the smell of cleanliness! My only negative point would that the packs both tore as I opened them, but they still stayed fresh and it didn’t affect the use.
I would recommend Childs Farm, and will continue to use Childs Farm! I love how natural they are whilst being affordable, perfect.
The moisturiser is my favourite product, simply because it’s helped my babies so much. 
We also use their nappy cream, which is magic, we also use this on Ladybirds face when she is bad and you can see it helping straight away. And their sun cream is great too! 
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