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Dusty Girls Natural Make Up. 

When I received my box of MooGoo, Dusty Girls makeup I was so excited, natural makeup at last! The box it was delivered in has a big cow on each side, Monkey always loves to colour in the cow. 
The makeup itself is also beautifully packaged in mellow, dusky tones and lovely natural illustrations. On the inside is an explanation as to how to use the makeup, which I think is a good reminder, getting back to basics.

People often recommend different creams for Ladybird to try for her skin and we try as much as can, as we are desperate for anything to help her. We were introduced to MooGoo by a very kind lady in one of our toddler groups. She brought us in a bottle of MooGoo soothing MSM cream, nut free. I loved the cream and the company. Totally natural, they explain every ingredient on the website in simple terms. Unfortunately, it didn’t stop Ladybird’s flare ups, but it was a lovely cream for Monkey’s dry skin. 
MooGoo are an Australian based company who have created a range of natural and general products with effective ingredients. 
After hunting around their website I came across Dusty Girls. Dusty Girls is MooGoo’s makeup brand, which uses natural clays and minerals to create a healthy range of makeup. All their makeup is vegan and they don’t use synthetic chemicals or test on animals. I got very excited, as I have been wanting to start using natural makeup. Most parts of our lives are turning more natural based, so why not makeup. I have been put off before because of prices, but I found that Dusty Girls is a good price for a good product. I compared Dusty Girls to No. 7 and Mac, two popular brands.

Powder Foundation:

 – Dusty Girls, Natural Mineral Foundation Powder £17.50

 – No. 7 Stay Perfect Compact Foundation £14.50

 – Mac Studio Fix Powder plus foundation £23.50


 – Natural Mineral Bronzer Sunshine £15.00

 – No. 7 Bronzer £12.50

 – Mac Bronzing Powder £23.00


 – Dusty Girls Natural Mineral Mascara Night Fall £11.00

 – No. 7 Lash Impact Mascara £13.50

 – Mac False Lashes £19.50


 – Natural Vegan Lipstick 5g £11.90

 – No. 7 Sheer Temptation Lipstick £9.95

 – Mac Lipstick £13.50
(Prices from Boots and Mac website, 5th June 2017, 20.49pm) 

As you can see, 3/4 of Dusty Girls’ products are mid-range pricing and on the mascara it is the cheapest. Which surprised me, as I see natural makeup as being out of my budget, but it’s not. As a mum, I find that I don’t get time to do my makeup at all some days, which also helps keep the cost down. 

When the parcel arrived I was rushing out and I had to try something, so I quickly applied the lipstick. The colour ‘Chia Seed’ is a rich colour while the lipstick itself is beautifully smooth and silky to put on. As a mother rushing around looking a mess, it made me feel special and a bit more like a woman. When I got back I looked at the lipstick’s ingredients and found it contains shea butter. After some Googling, I felt very confused as to whether this is a nut, seed or fruit. I had a look in a leaflet from the hospital and it says to avoid shea butter, so I have tucked it away until our next trip to the allergy clinic to see whether I can wear this lovely lipstick again. (But I have worn it when not with monkey and love it)

I am not used to powder foundations, I usually go for creams, but the Natural Mineral Foundation Powder 10g, was lovely to use. I could add more or less depending on where I was going and how good I needed to look. I think it was the perfect tone for my skin. It gave me a nice natural glow, which I even got complemented on. To keep the foundation natural they don’t add any nasty chemicals, they use a mixture of micas and zinc oxide, which also protects your skin from sun damage. If you are uncertain about which colour to order you can take a simple test on the website, where they ask you about your skin tone and even the colour of the veins in your wrist, to help match you to the right colour. I would buy this again as I love how my skin looks with it, but if you’re a cream girl, they also do a tinted cream that I have had samples of before. This is great for day to day quick application.

The Natural Mineral Bronzer 15g – Sunshine, is a warm colour. Using edible ingredients, such as Jojoba oil and Macadamia oil, it allows smooth applications. It works well highlighting areas, but you have to be careful, you only need a touch to add to the natural glow. I love it, I can add a bit more just before the hubby is home to try and drag myself out of the “exhausted mother look” to the “I’m tired but coping look”. Doing my research after wearing it for a week, I now realise it has macadamia oil in it, which is a nut and Monkey is allergic to nuts, so unfortunately I can’t wear it. I can’t win can I!! (This may explain why he had hives this morning!) 

And finally, the Natural Mineral Mascara 10g – Night Fall. Using Acacia Gum, which is a natural, non-irritating alternative to Pine Tar, which is often used and is a common irritant, it’s perfect for sensitive skin. A stunning, deep colour, easy to apply and not clumpy. You have to ensure you let it dry a bit longer, as it does smudge. 

I must say I have been very impressed with Dusty Girls make up, it ticks all my boxes: natural✔️ easy to use✔️ good price✔️ ethical company✔️ it’s great for people with sensitive skin, so I would encourage Ladybird to wear this make up (in 16 years time when she’s old enough!). It’s such a shame that I can’t wear some of these products at the moment because of Monkey’s allergies. Let’s hope he grows out of them soon! 

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