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A catch up with the Nutritionist

It’s been two months since my first appointment with my nutritionist, my sister, Jessica Backhouse. I’ve lost over two stones! For the first time in about 10 years I’m 10 ½ stones! This is amazing, I feel great. Sometimes I can feel the stress building up, so I have an Epsom Salt bath which completely destresses me and makes me feel like a better human and mother. Another way I have been given to help me, as the toddler tantrums and screaming baby seem to co-exist together, is so simple but it does work, 10 deep breaths.

I have been finding it hard to make lots of soups, so often have I have a smoothie with 75% veg to fruit and coconut oil for breakfast. I need to start pre-cooking my vegetables, because of the natural toxins that the vegetable plants produce to help protect themselves from being eaten by insects, I have now been told. I also need to make more bone broths instead of just relying on the gelatine powder to help tighten up the holes in my gut lining. 

 I have successfully removed all gluten/wheat from my diet, which was easy as I’ve had to do this for Ladybird, who is allergic to wheat. I am nearly there with the sugar and honey. When I make food for the kids I use honey, so I end up having it, too. I don’t want to give them Stevia, as I don’t feel I know it well enough compared to the lovely bees.
I have also been growing lots of lovely organisms and bacteria in my kitchen; kombucha, sauerkraut, ginger bug, water kefir, fermented veg. The list is growing, but I will introduce you to my new buddies another day.

All in all, she was very happy with my progress and the path that I am taking, but there is still more that I can do. She has so much more that she wants to do with me but because I am breast feeding there is only so far we can go, as when I detox some of the toxins will travel to Ladybird through my milk. When I stop breast feeding I can do more detoxing and mending diets, like the Gaps diet (will explain more at a later date).

For now, I need to up my fermented foods with each meal and start taking probiotic powder to support the healing of my gut, and the children have also been advised to take this too. It has 4 billion live bacteria in it, which would have made me (someone with OCD) feel sick about taking it, but the more I read and understand how we need these good bacteria and microbiome to fight bad bacteria and disease the more I love them.

A lot of what I will start to do now is to prepare for when I stop breastfeeding and begin mending my gut. By doing so, hopefully saying goodbye to my mental illness. I have started, and will continue, limiting my grains and carbs but carbs are still very important as I am breastfeeding, so it will be finding that balance.
My plate should start to look like this; ¼ fermented foods, ¼ meat, ¼ greens like kale, spinach and rocket (these must be cooked to and ¼ starchy veg, like peas, potatoes, winter squash and non GMO corn. I feel this is something that I am able to do with the help of my slow cooker, which I couldn’t be without. 

People are telling me how great I look and I feel it. I have more energy and feel less stressed.
I have also had some blood tests done at my local doctors, which will be sent for my nutritionist to look at to see if there is anything that I am deficient in and if we can tailor my diet to help me more. I am also having private IGG tests done, this will look at what my body reacts badly to. This means that I can remove them and start to introduce them slowly again to see if my body can cope with them. (I will explain more in another blog).

We wanted to get private IGG testing for Ladybird, to see if it would help us to discover what is causing her skin issues, but they won’t do it until she is two, as the tests won’t be accurate until then. I will keep you updated…… 

From this June, Jessica Backhouse at Primal Roots Nutrition, will be taking on clients. Jessica can do Skype appointments or see clients in person. For more information please comment below and I can share her contact details.   

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