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How a nutritionist changed my life! 

My sister, Jessica Backhouse, will soon be a qualified nutritionist. For her course at Birmingham CNM she needed people to practise on and use as case studies. I am lucky enough to have her advise me on my nutrition and how I can use what I eat to fix me.
So, with my dad (who was being someone else’s client) Ladybird and myself went to Birmingham for what was a life changing weekend. It was a bit strange having my lovely sister asking me lots of questions about my past: birth, life style, past medication, mental health and diet with six other students and teachers watching. All whilst breastfeeding little Ladybird, who actually loved it thinking this was her audience.

After a break and a nappy change, I went back to hear what changes I could make to start to make myself a healthier person in body and mind.

-I should cut out gluten, as this can damage the gut lining. I have been trying to do this on and off for 8 months now, AND I can’t have wheat anyway because I’m breastfeeding Ladybird, so that’s fine with me

-Epsom Salt Baths- magnesium is a mineral needed for nearly everything in the body; counter balancing calcium, energy production, structure of bones, blood pressure regulation, and much more. As well as all of this, Epsom salts baths will also help me to relax whilst detoxifying my body and mind, which will help with my OCD and mood swings. I bought a big tub on eBay, food grade and organic. At the start use just ¼ of a cup, building up ¼ each bath until you get to 2 cups. Relax for 30 mins in the bath and be warned, it can make you feel light headed, so you may need to sit down for 5 mins afterwards. Now, as a mother of two I haven’t been able to have as many of these as I would like, but I’m hoping to aim for one a week if I can. Being in a bath for 30 mins is so hard when you’re used to rushing around

-Gelatine – now this can be done it two ways:

Bone Broths- this is still something I am working on. I’ve been buying free range chickens from Aldi (organic is the best, but 4 on one wage will only go so far). Cooking in the oven or slow cooker and then keeping the bones. You boil up the bones with veg, vinegar and other bits on the hob for 20 mins then transfer to the slow cooker for 24-78 hours. I should be drinking a cup every day but it was horrible. Following another conversation with my sister, it turns out it’s two tablespoons of vinegar not the two cups I’ve been using. I also use it in soups and stews.

Or Buy some Great Lakes Kosher Gelatin. Its not cheap at £18-£20 for 1lb, but it will be worth it for my health. I’ve been justifying that added expense it costs to buy these bits against all the times we used eat out or get takeaways or unhealthy snacks. Why should we be more concerned about buying something like gelatin when we would spend £20 on a takeaway for one night?

The benefits of the gelatin is that it will help to speed up my gut healing, as the glutamic acid will tighten up my gut and close the holes that are letting through all the toxins and bacteria. It will also help me with joint care and is a good source of protein.

-Omega 3, because of Monkey’s allergies I haven’t been having much fish. It is so important to have Omega 3, not just for me but all of us. It is essential for brain health and it is anti-inflammatory (good for my knees). Cheap fish oil tablets aren’t worth the money, if you want to get the good stuff you need to pay for pure and clean fish oil. Unfortunately, because of Monkey I chose to get the capsules where the liquid would have been more cost effective. Again, this is my fear of allergies I should have got the oil and been careful with it maybe. I have Wild Alaskan Fish Oil which contains 1000mg per day.

– The biggest thing I was advised to do (at which point I could have yelped at my sister) was to give up 100% sugar intake. That means no sugar of any form AND no sugar alternatives like honey, maple syrup or anything. This is the big one, I love honey and use it in everything I have been struggling but feel I am about 95% there. I sometimes have a sip of my sons organic squash so I will try harder to fight this.

The reason for this is I have a massive sweet tooth and all are addictive, natural or not. So I still get the sugar rush and the cravings for more, cutting it out should help my mood and tiredness. Instead I can use Stevia to sweeten things;

“Stevia is a green, leafy plant native to South and Central America, which has naturally sweet leaves. The extract, Stevia Rebaudioside, is thought to be 250-300 times sweeter than ordinary table sugar.”
Stevia has had some bad press, it was banned in the US because of early studies but in substances that are considered GRAS have been determined to be safe through expert consensus, scientific review or widespread use without negative complications. Stevia is great as it doesn’t affect your blood sugar levels and its’ not addictive.

 So far I feel great, it has been just over a month. The weight that I have been struggling to lose for the last 10 years is just dripping off me, so far 2 1/2 stone. I still feel tired at times but so much better than before. My mood does still have dips but it’s still early days and I’m not 100% off sugar and honey yet.

 A typical day for me would look like this: a smoothie for breakfast with coconut oil, 15% fruit and the rest vegetables. I also add in some turmeric, cinnamon and ginger.

Then for lunch I would have soup or meat and veg.  

And to finish the day I go between a good hearty stew, or meat, veg and potatoes. As I’m not having dairy I now drink cinnamon tea which is delicious, I am training myself to have black coffee and, of course, lots of water.

 From this June, Jessica Backhouse at Primal Roots Nutrition will be taking on clients, she can do Skype appointments or see clients in person. For more information please comment below and I can share her contact details.  


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