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After seeing our precious baby covered in hives, his eyes swollen and other reactions, we fought to find out why. When we found out it was allergies, and hearing how bad reactions could get, we made our house go into lock down regarding food that could cause any sort of reaction and possible risk to our baby’s life. Just a few crumbs or a kiss after eating nuts, has caused him to come up in hives. So, any products that have or say ‘may contain’ nuts, sesame seeds, chickpeas or fish are not allowed in our house. Monkey has a safe zone. Somewhere that allows me to walk out of the room and not have to worry about returning to a hive covered child, or worse. Friends have been made to bag up nut health care products, leave take aways at the door or eat sandwiches on the balcony!

My husband and myself call any of these products “contraband”!

I have started to wean Ladybird on band products out of the house to see if she can have them, but now our Ladybird looks like she has allergies. She is due to be tested for dairy, eggs, soya, wheat, peanut and Kiwi. (Another blog will explain all that fun). So totally different allergies to Monkey, fun fun fun! Even though I think Ladybird is allergic to these things, I still have them in the house as Monkey’s diet is so limited. I can’t dream of him not having dairy or eggs. My husband has brought up a question that has troubled me: ‘How can we ban the things Monkey is allergic to and not the things Ladybird is?’ WTF, how can we choose? We can’t put one child’s wellbeing before the other.

To deal with this I’ve had to break it down.

Monkey’s allergies:

Nuts (he can have almonds, walnuts and pinenuts) ~ Airborne, can cause a anaphylaxis, tiny crumbs cause reactions.

Chickpeas ~ tiny touch causes hives

Sesame ~ Anaphylaxis, small

Fish ~ Airborne when cooked, he had big hives too, small swelling reaction

 Ladybird’s allergies:                                                                                 

Milk ~ red, itchy, not airborne, Anaphylaxis

Kiwi ~ red, itchy on contact

Egg ~ swelling, red, itchy, Anaphylaxis 

Wheat, soya and peanuts still need to be tested.

To say I am confused is an understatement.

Anything airborne is a “no no” in the house, so that’s nuts and fish. Sesame seeds I would say no to, as they are small and get everywhere. I found that I am cooking less with egg and dairy, as I don’t have them because of breastfeeding and them going to my milk. What we have decided is Monkey can still have egg and dairy but he needs to be in his highchair and it needs to be cleaned up quickly afterwards. So it’s scrambled egg with daddy and a cup of milk with a meal. Is this the right choice?  

Reading this back I don’t feel like it’s totally fair, but all I can do is try. We can have walnuts, pinenuts and almonds in the house and the children can have both m. Maybe I should let Ladybird have chickpeas to eat at home when Monkey is at nursery. We need to keep reassessing the rules and trying to reduce any risk to both children. Why the hell is food so complicated now? 


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