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Another Waiting Room



I find myself again sitting in another room, waiting to hear the verdict about the ongoing rash/ eczema on Ladybird’s face. This time we are waiting to see the dermatologist, hoping to get some sort of an answer to this ever growing problem. I feel like I did nearly two years ago, when I went through this with Monkey, but her rash/eczema is worse. Her face is a daily battleground for moisturising, observing for fungal/ bacterial infections and stopping her from scratching. This paints a bleak picture but she is the happiest and most active baby I have ever met, so it’s not as bad as it sounds.

Some nights I resort to co-sleeping if she won’t settle, because of the irritation on her face, something I didn’t do with Monkey. Much as I like her to sleep in her cot, if I’m honest, I love cuddling her at night. If she awakes I stick a boob in her mouth and we both go back to sleep. Two weeks ago the doctor upped her steroid cream strength, instead of waking up every two hours she slept for four in her own bed. The next night she slept for seven hours. However, after a five day run on the cream, which didn’t completely clear it the eczema, it was bad again.

Sometimes she won’t stop scratching

Needless to say, I left this appointment feeling frustrated, worried and not listened to. As soon as we walked into the appointment the doctor asked the nurse to refill her cabinet with strong medical creams. I really wanted to push forward with finding a cause to this problem rather than applying more creams and ointments onto it, but she did not share this need. She did say we would talk about looking at the cause next time, but at this age it is more about controlling the eczema. She didn’t agree with me that cutting foods out of my diet to see if it made a difference to that eczema, I just want my baby to be ok.

The doctor gave use two creams/ointments, she took them straight out of the cupboard, no Pharmacist needed. The first cream was an even stronger steroid, strength 3 (1 being the strongest 6 the weakest.) On the leaflet it does say not to be put on broken skin or on children under 1, but the doctor told me to do both!

Her skin is always changing

The other ointment hasn’t even been legalised to be used on children under 2 in this country, but it has in other countries, which means it just hasn’t had clinical trials here. When I got home I read articles about the ointment where people were talking about possible links to skin cancer, the doctor did tell me Ladybird shouldn’t go in the sun with it on (in the summer). When I got home and read the leaflet it turns out she had given me the cream for adults which states it shouldn’t be used for children under 16 years of age.

“Protopic (tacrolimus) is a topical macrolide immunosuppressant. It works by decreasing cell activity in the body’s immune system which helps to slow down the growth of atopic dermatitis (eczema) on your skin.” I just don’t feel that this is the right cream for us, surely something that messes with your immune system won’t help in the long run?

I asked the doctor if there was nothing more natural that we could use. Her response was that these were natural; one is a fungus and one a hormone, I don’t agree with this theory, needless to say.

My daughter does need help, they have told us we run the risk of facial scarring or infection. I am grateful for the help BUT, I don’t want to risk her having future problems such as cancer or anything else. Whatever we choose there could be complications; scaring if we do nothing or possible side-effects from the ointments/creams in the future if we do. It’s all just a little bit rubbish to be honest, but there is always someone worse off. She’s a lovely, happy, vocal blessing just like her big brother. We keep trying natural alternatives but nothing has worked yet.

But she still has a smile

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