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Allergy Child, Take 2 maybe?

img_6988One of my biggest worries was having two children with allergies, even worse if they had different allergies. Well it looks like those fears may be coming to true.

Ladybird has had a rash growing on her face since early September, we’ve been to see the doctors several times and tried countless creams.  Nothing has seemed to work.  As nothing was working and it has been over three months, I’ve been racking my brain as to what it could be. It felt just like it did with Monkey, the eczema spreading across the body and nothing stopping it. Her skin is so dry and red, she sometimes rubs it until it bleeds. Ladybird has had times when she screams and gets so worked up, she was also sick a lot, the doctor thought she may have a touch of reflux. As nothing was working, and with Monkey’s history of allergies, I asked the doctor if it could be a milk allergy. The doctor agreed that this was a possibility and I should come off dairy, goats milk and soya for two months to see what happens. It can take up to two months to get out of both our systems.

My poorly ladybird

They also suggested we use steroids to help control the rash on her face.   Neither my husband nor I wanted to use steroids on her.  With Monkey we were advised to use steroids so much and they never worked for long and the rash would come back, then the doctor would tell me to use more. The doctor treated me like an hysterical OCD mother, who was being drama queen.  Clearly I wasn’t, there was something more and it was his allergies.  One night she was in so much pain we did  put the steroid cream on and her face cleared right up during the 5 days we used it.  But less than a week later the rash came back. There is no physical test for allergies at this age.

So for now I am off milk, this means NO CHOCOLATE!!!! Over Christmas, too.  Nothing containing milk or soya, so on top of Monkey’s allergies there isn’t much I can eat. Luckily milk allergies aren’t like nuts, where you can’t have it in the house, so Monkey can still have his milk.  

I can’t believe we have became that “allergy family”, if you knew my husband and I before you would know we were all about enjoying all food!



2 thoughts on “Allergy Child, Take 2 maybe?

  1. There is no better mum who can handle this than you. You will find the answers and you will find the solutions…but yet as a fellow mum i can totally understand how this might feel. You dont want your children to feel any discomfort, ever, and i bet this is therefore a very tough time. You are doing a mega job, keep updatinhgus on the blog xxx


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