Radiation, should we be worried? 

Wi-Fi, 3G and other radio waves are everywhere. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t have a mobile phone. Since embarking on our quest to get healthy and cleanse my son’s gut in order to fix his allergies, I find myself more aware of everything around us.

I’ve always been aware that phones give off radiation and so have tried to keep them away from my children’s heads and to carry my mobile on me and not on the buggy, so it’s away from the children. Like so many others I am guilty of breastfeeding and being on my phone. I have just bought a radiation cover for my phone, which will stop 99% of the radiation when I’m on a phone call.

It has occurred to me that the use of mobile phones, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and other devices are so new we don’t know if all this radiation could affect the body. When I was a baby my mother didn’t have a mobile phone or Wi-Fi.  

For months I have wanted a Jawbone Up3, which monitors your sleep, heart rate and steps. My husband surprised me with one for my birthday, I was overwhelmed. I don’t know a kinder man. I wore it for a few days and loved it, but I started to wonder if I should be worried about it being so close to the children all the time, when I hold them, play with them or read to them. So I started to look into how they work. After some research I found that every 20 mins they connect to the phone via Bluetooth with the date they have collected (from what I understand). So I started to look into if Bluetooth could be dangerous, I found articles saying it’s fine, but also some saying that not enough tests have been done or that over exposure can have some risks.

“In 2011, International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), an agency of the World Health Organization, classified wireless radiation as Group 2B – possibly carcinogenic. That means that there “could be some risk” of carcinogenicity, so additional research into the long-term, heavy use of wireless devices needs to be conducted.”

 Wiki, (2016), Wireless LAN

 After reading a few articles I took the Jawbone off and put it back in the box. I felt so guilty as it was such a lovely gift, but is it worth the unknown risk to my babies? My husband totally agreed that it’s not worth the risk. The idea that I could be exposing my children to something that may give them cancer or something else in later life makes me feel sick. 

I know someone who has had two brain tumours over the last 20 years and it is believed that it could be the result of using mobile phones in the 90s.

I would love to make our next home free of Wi-Fi and mobile phones, so we have a space free of these waves. Leave your mobiles at the door, block the neighbours’ WIFI from coming into our space. Don’t get me wrong, we need technology, I love a bit of Facebook. We would like a plug-in internet computer, but is that any better? Who knows if we would do this ,or if it is just a mad dream?

In our society there is technology everywhere, and radiation comes from everything, phones, lights, etc. (And the laptop sitting on my lap, and the phone next to me.) I should really get rid of my mobile, but I do need it to stay in contact with family when out and about. Also, I’m used to a smart phone, it would be so hard to give it up. 

I just worry about what effect this extra radiation is having on our bodies, we won’t know for 20 years and then it maybe too late! Or maybe I am being hysterical and have been watching way too much Black Mirror. 
What do you think? I would love to know. 


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