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Tuna Madness

 In the early summer, Monkey was eating fish and his face started to swell up a little just above his lip, this happened again when we gave him another type of fish a few weeks later. The first time we rang 111 and they sent an ambulance, he was fine after taking some Piriton, but it was still very scary. So since then we stopped having fish.
 A few months later we had an allergy appointment and after some patch testing it turned out that Monkey is allergic to most fish but not tuna or shellfish. He had had a reaction to tuna at home, before we went in for the tuna challenge in October. They give him a bit of tuna, and slowly built up the amount until they were sure the he wouldn’t have a reaction. Well he passed it, no hives or swelling.

I cannot explain how happy I was; not just for Monkey but also for me. I have missed fish so much! By the end of the 3 ½ hour stay in hospital we were both eating tuna on the ward.

Us enjoying tuna in hosptial

That night we had tuna jacket potato and the next night tuna pasta salad. I love tuna.

I still miss other fish!!
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