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Getting me back 

Since my amazing little Ladybird was born, life has been non-stop, I knew it would be hard but wow, what a shock!

I must admit I’ve been feeling down, I can feel myself slipping backwards. I don’t feel like me, I’m sure I’m not the only mum or person to feel like this. Constantly washing, cleaning, cooking, entertaining a toddler and winding a hysterical baby. There are moments when I’m tearing my hair out (like the other day when during my morning loo trip I had to talk Ladybird down from tears whilst playing trains with my foot with the Monkey!) Don’t get me wrong, I love my life, my children and my husband. We have the most amazing time. 
From a young age my mother has drilled into me to never give up, pick yourself up and get on. I’ve decided I need something adult just for me. I would love to go swimming or to a class, but Ladybird is breastfed on demand, like her brother. She point blank refuses a bottle.
So I’ve dusted off my note book and started writing ideas for blogs. I’ve set myself some challenges to try and use my brain (more than wiping bums and counting to 10): 
~Learn what a # tag is, then use it

~My husband is going to teach me to tweet! (Not like a bird)

~What the hell is Instagram?  

I’ve also renamed my blog to “Ladybird, Monkey and me”, this is because I wanted to include my lovely little girl into my blog. My husband calls her Fish, as he thinks she looked like a fish when she was born. He thought I should call it “Fish, Monkey and me”. I don’t like that, I call her Ladybird as it’s much nicer than a fish! MEN! 


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