The change in us! 

In my last blog I wrote about our gluten free, nearly sugar free, and processed free (as much as possible) diet.I must say the results have been amazing. 
Monkey, who has always struggled with food, not eating much, including fruit and veg, cannot stop eating. He loves fruit suddenly! 

He is always hungry and asking for food. My theory is that maybe the gluten was making him feel bloated and now he can feel he is hungry. 

His skin, that has always looked bad because of eczema, with red, itchy and dry patches looks brilliant. He has had two red patches on his cheeks since I can remember, but now they are gone! 

My husband’s eyes look more white and he feels great. 

I feel great and have lost 4lbs in three weeks!

The one time Monkey has had suger and gluten in the last three weeks he told me after that his “tummy hurt”, which I took as a sign of how great this diet must be.


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