Allergies · Family

A big life style change! 

Monkey’s allergies were getting worse, as a parent I would try anything to make my child better! 
So when offered a solution to fix a child, what parent wouldn’t try it?

The basic idea is that his gut is damaged by gluten, sugar and modern overprocessed foods. The advice was to take it back to basics; no gluten, whole foods that haven’t been processed (so no processed food like pasta or even gluten free products with lots of nasty things added in) and no sugar. 

This may sound hard, at the start I felt overwhelmed, but we eat a home cooked meal every night anyway so it’s about not using things like pasta and bread (which was hard as they where staples in our house).
We do have some processed foods but what I call good processed food; 100% buckwheat pasta, corn cakes 100% corn. The one thing with sugar we still have is organic squash, which has fruit, spring water and sugar; but without this Monkey won’t drink much.
At the moment we are eating a lot of stews and anything I can do in the slow cooker. This is more because I have two children and the fact I can put it all in in first thing in the morning and it’s ready by dinner – amazing! 
Anything with lots of meat, veg, eggs and cheese is great for this diet!
Here’s a quick look at what we may eat in a day: gluten free oats, fruit and yogurt with linseeds for omega 3 (as we can’t have fish because Monkey is allergic to white fish, salmon and more testing needs to be done about other fish) or bacon and eggs for breakfast; buckwheat pasta, soups, salads, sandwiches with my homemade gluten free bread. This isn’t as good as gluten bread but it’s ok. The magic ingredient is mash potatoes; omelettes, soups, stews, chilli, and lots more choices for dinner.

I really struggled at first with lunches and snacks but I am slowly researching into ideas and experimenting. Lots of fruit, yogurt, homemade popcorn, homemade sugar free cakes or raisin balls and more. 

As this blog is getting rather long, in my next blog I will write about the amazing results we’ve seen in us all, and a big part of the diet is the amazing probiotic yogurt I am growing in my cupboard.


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