Monkey and his allergies! 

A few weeks ago Monkey had another appointment at the allergy clinic, I had noticed that he was having reactions to fish, sesame seeds and dogs. His face started to swell on a few occasions, or hives would appear again. 
So I asked for him to be tested to see if he was allergic to these things. He had always had fish so I thought the fish may have been cross contaminated with shell fish which he could be allergic too?! He also has had sesame seeds before.

To my shock he had developed allergies to fish and sesame seeds but was fine with shell fish. I sat there in shock, why was this getting worse what was I doing wrong?!?
He is also allergic to dogs which I guessed as when he last hugged a dog his eye swelled up and his face was covered in hives. My poor husband has always wanted a dog but looks like that isn’t a possibility now! 

I sat in the doctors office and cried, I asked if he could grow out of these allergies? The answer simply Unknown! 
A day later a family member, who we hadn’t seen for ages, who is training to be a nutritionist, came to stay and offered us an alternative diet and overall way of life that may help to fix Monkey. They believe the problem is Monkeys’ gut and the damage modern food has done to it, so we have embarked on a new diet and life style. Which I will start to explain in my next blog……


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