It’s a girl! 

Wow! What a whirlwind of a month, our beautiful daughter is nearly a month old and I have never been so exhausted! Don’t get me wrong, life is good, but having two children is a steep learning curve. 
Labour was hard, I was induced again because of reduced movements. Active labour was about 5/6 hours but the build up before this was 24 hours. I think it was harder as I knew what was happening and that I wasn’t close to pushing.
Monkey is adjusting well, but I can’t leave them alone, just in case he crushes her with a cuddle, covers her in toys or anything else which isn’t baby friendly. I’ve also caught him trying to feed her cake and a bread stick!

I must say I’m looking forward to September when all the play groups are back on and Monkey starts nursery. Having OCD, the one thing I love is structure and routine, so trying to build a new routine with two kiddies is hard – it’s more about survival at the moment.

Life has become a juggling act between the toddler and baby. Today I was at the shops, baby started a full blown screaming session and, of course, the toddler starting demanding a banana. All I could do was laugh! I’ve also become a pro at pushing the buggy whilst breast feeding!! 


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