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Nursery!! The big step! 

After our first settling in session

So, from the start of September Monkey will be going to nursery two days a week for 5.5 hours a day. He is currently at his second “settling in” session, 30 minutes without mummy under the care of a nursery. I must say I feel very emotional and I am sitting here treating myself to a coffee and cake to take the blues away.
I wasn’t expecting to send Monkey to nursery at the age of two, but to our suprise a month or so back we received a ‘Golden Ticket’ voucher from the government saying Monkey was able to have 15 free hours of nursery a week.

I instantly rang the nursery I wanted, I haven’t done research into them but have several friends who send their children there and love it. One of my friend’s children has allergies, there is an onsite kitchen which makes fresh food for all the children. It is a nut free nursery and even though they do have chick peas on the menu, Monkey will eat next to his key worker and a meal will be made just for him.

When I went to visit the nursery I fell in love with it and so did Monkey and his dad. They encourage outdoor play and messy play, which is great!! I want Monkey to be able to explore and enjoy all the new experiences this nursery can give him. 
He could have started in August but I wanted to wait a month so he doesn’t feel like as soon as the baby comes he kicked out to nursery, as that may not be so great for him.
So bring on our new start, new baby, nursery and lots of exhausting fun I’m sure!


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