Finally we are at 37 weeks, and what a crazy 37 weeks!

Monkey loving his crown
Having a toddler whilst pregnant has been exhausting, it has been nothing like my first pregnancy.
I have to do something out of the house everyday with Monkey, otherwise we will both go crazy. We used to go out for the whole day, but as I have got further along in the pregnancy I have found this hard. Every morning we go out;
three days a week we attend fantastic play groups . On the other two we see friends or go swimming. Then we are usually home for lunch after which we chill at home and/or try to do an hour or so in the park.

Monkey in the park!
There have been times where I feel Monkey has watched too much TV, as I have just been too exhausted to move, plus he decided he only needs about two naps a week!
His obsession with trains has grown and he will often sit playing with them for hours, there is usually a ‘come on’ or ‘mummy play trains’ at some point, prompting me to join in. 
The best thing about being at home and not out and about is I feel I have had some fantastic time with the Monkey, playing, reading or relaxing in the park, just the two of us. He is at such an amazing age where we can have so much fun. 
Page boy at a wedding!
It will be very interesting to see how he deals with a new baby. He kisses and hugs my belly and I tell him there’s a baby in there. He knows we have a bed for the baby but I don’t think he knows what’s coming his way! 
Wedding family photo


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