Love our multi-cultural society! 

Watching yet another debate on the EU referendum I feel worried and concerned about the route this country is taking.I am not a brainiac, I’m not going to give a blog on the facts, as to be honest I find a lot of politics confusing! I try to look for the simple and true facts, written simply so a dyspraxic, exhausted, pregnant mother can understand.
I voted to remain. Since the result came out I know people with businesses that have lost money but even more upsetting, worrying and scary is I know people who have been told to ‘go back to their own country’. These are hard working, kind, loving people and it makes my heart break.
I will not let my lovely friends be spoken to like this, I do not want to bring my child up in a country with such attitudes. That is not the Britain I know and love.

What I want going forward now, is we stand united: united against racism and let’s focus on how we stabilise the economy and communities. 

I love Britain BECAUSE we are a multi-cultural society! 


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