Family · Toddler Fun!

A love like this! 

Unbelievably, my son turns two this week! Looking back it seems to have gone so fast and he has changed our lives, I would not be without him. When I was pregnant with him I know there were a few people (myself included) that worried about how the special needs child would cope with a baby. Somehow I’ve done it and I think we are doing ok! There have been the same worries with every milestone in my life: college, uni, work, etc., but if you don’t try and risk failure how will you know if you can succeed?
I know every parent thinks their child is the best, but mine really is!! He’s a bit of a bossy boots, instructing me to sit down and read to him or that we must go outside, but I think this is great! The tantrums have been joyful as I’m sure it is for every parent, they will get worse before they get better. 

Suddenly we have a little person that walks, talks, eats and likes to give his own opinion on most subjects. He’s a stubborn little guy, I have no idea where he gets it from (we have several options here: father, mother, grandmothers and grandfathers. We always knew he would be strong willed). 
With 7 weeks and counting until the next one, I must admit I am feeling nervous about the change that will come upon us. (People with OCD don’t like change!) But I’m sure that after a few weeks we will slip into a good routine! 


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