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Who’s worse, my son or my husband??

I have OCD so I’ve always been clean, but as a child I was untidy. My mother used to threaten me with visits from my grandmother to come and tidy my room. As a teenager this was even more terrifying because God only knows what I may have hidden!!
As I have gained in age so has my need for things to have a place., Much to the horror of my very untidy husband! I think this is a mix of my OCD changing and the fact that I’m the one that needs to clean the house. 

For some reason the amount of stuff the two of us have is unbelievable: books, antiques, clothes, CDs and the general knick-knacks. Then, add in a toddler and we are full to the brim in our flat! 

I can’t live with a messy kitchen and will wash up as I go. I went through an extreme tub phase at the beginning of this pregnancy. I couldn’t stop buying tubs to store everything and anything in! 

Sometimes I do not know who is worse, my 35 year old husband or my 2 year old!! They both leave a trail of crumbs, clothes, toys and general untidiness! 

My husband works very hard so I can be at home with our son, I do admit, but sometimes I want to wring his neck!

At least I can teach my 2 year old to tidy up, I’ve spent over 7 years trying to teach my husband to tidy up and it is a very slow process! 

The best present he ever bought me was a handheld Hoover for the odd little bits! (I’m old aren’t I!) my mum has one and they are fab! 


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