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The toddler and the EpiPen!

My Lovely Boys
After some training from the doctors, and picking up the epipen, I had to stop and breathe; yes, my son has never needed an epipen and I prey he never does, but the reality of having to carry one is fricking scary. As I slowly walked home from hospital a few silent tears came down my face, but it could be worse!

When I got home I needed to register our epipen online, this will mean an email will be sent before they expire. 

Anyone who looks after Monkey may also need to go to their local health centre for training on how and when to use the pen.

We also had to let the nursery that Monkey will go to, know about him needing an epipen. It has been advised that he should be on a totally nut free diet when he is not with us. (Monkey can have pine nuts and walnuts that have not been contaminated by other nuts). The hospital will also contact the nursery to discuss his care.

I have to tell everyone who needs to know that Monkey has an epipen, where it is, and remind them not to feed the toddler!!

I have bought a wrist band for Monkey so that people know he should be nut free. I may look into one about needing an epipen.    

We also got a training kit to play with, which is great, as we can run through exactly how we should react. 
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