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Walnut Challenge and Patch Testing.

Patch testing:
 I was eating a piece of “bake in the bag fish” in tomato sauce a few weeks ago. Monkey came over and had a taste. It was nut and chickpea free, but before long his face was covered in hives and the area just above his lip was swollen. After giving him Piriton, I rang 111. They sent the ambulance, and fortunately all was OK. The only other allergen in the product was soya, apart from milk and fish that he has regularly. Monkey sometimes gets odd hives, so we had a variety of tests done.

Before the nut challenge began we had patch testing. This is where the skin is pricked and a liquid with the product they might be allergic to is put on the small hole. 
Monkey was tested for soya, grass, tree pollen and dust mites. It is with joy I can say all was fine!!! I would not be happy with any of them but, TREES!!

Step by step guide to a Walnut Challenge:
Throughout the challenge Monkey’s temperature and pulse was checked. 
1) Walnut was wiped on Monkey’s lips, then we waited! He was licking his lip and dribbling but all was OK!
2) Then it was wiped on his tongue, more waiting! His chin was a bit red but again, all OK. Monkey wanted to have a bit of time in the buggy at this point, sometimes he likes to go in there as it’s a safe place.

3) Next he had to eat one walnut. This took a lot of encouragement but we got there! Then we waited!

4) Finally Monkey had three nuts crushed up in yogurt, he ate this up no problem. An even longer wait. A win for us Monkey can have Walnuts now! (I now need to find Walnuts in there shells, so they are contaminated with other nuts.)

They decided that it would be good for Monkey to have an Epipen, even though this is just a precaution it’s still a shock, and makes me want to cry. I would rather Monkey have this just incase, and fingers crossed we will never need it. It does mean that anyone that looks after him will need training. I was taken through what needed to be done in hospital, but anyone else should be able to be trained at their local heath centre. If they can’t, then we maybe able to come back to the clinic. Also, to be safe, they have advised that Monkey shouldn’t have pine nuts or walnuts unless he is with myself or my husband, just to be safe. 

We will come back to the clinic in September, this will involve more patch testing for nuts and talk about more challenges. Also, we will review the whole situation. 

When our next little Monkey arrives we need to take them to the clinic if they have eczema, so they can be tested before any problems start. Fingers crossed they will be OK, I don’t want another alert baby.

The day Started at 9.30 and we didn’t leave until 1.40, so a very long morning. 

I must say, the nurses and doctors were amazing, I couldn’t have felt more looked after and welcome. 



6 thoughts on “Walnut Challenge and Patch Testing.

  1. Oh gosh how scary but thankfully he didn’t react to the walnuts!! I recently had allergy testing too and scarily had a huge reaction to all twelve tests, my arms swelled double in size! Was horrific! I cant imagine the worry of that with a child, fingers crossed he isn’t allergic to any other nuts, good luck with your tests. #TwinklyTuesday


    1. Thank you, wow hope your ok. Monkeys allergic to all nuts apart from walnuts and pine nuts. (Also he’s allergic to chickpeas) it’s so important people understand how scary this is for yourself and my son. Xx

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Gosh it must be a constant worry!! I’m awaiting my appointment for desensitisation, whatever that involves, hopefully that will help me with my allergies. I hope that you find something that helps with Monkeys. xxx


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