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Panic Stations!! 

With chicken pox behind us we have headed out to enjoy socialising and just being out without worrying we may spread chicken pox. We headed to Monkey’s favourite spot at the cathedral, where he and other children sat and played in the drizzle, but fresh air is fresh air!!!!
He had his back to me but I knew he had something in his mouth, I darted over to him and scraped the remainder of some sort of biscuit out of his mouth. By this time he was not impressed at such an unwelcome finger in his mouth and was crying. I tried to explain that he mustn’t eat food from the floor as it could make him very ill, we sat on the steps and I held him. 

Luckily I was with my lovely friend, who later saw the mother of the child who had dropped the food, and approached them to ask what it was. Thankfully it didn’t contain nuts.
I cannot explain the fear I felt in those moments, I know children will eat gross bits of the floor (my OCD shudders at the idea) but the fact it could cause a reaction scares me to the core. 
It has made me realise how much we still need to learn together, to gain a grip on living with a child with allergies. He needs to learn fast not to eat food off the floor!

When we go out for coffee and cake we make a big deal about how we all don’t share our cake. Mummy, daddy and monkey have there own treat and we don’t share with each other. This feels so wrong as I love sharing food with monkey but it’s the only way we can eat out safely. I try to get food that is nut free if we are out but with cake it’s a lot harder, so monkey often has his favourite oat bars instead. 
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2 thoughts on “Panic Stations!! 

  1. There’s so much to think about with food allergies…and it’s so hard to keep things out of their little mouths. It sounds like you are handling it well! Thanks for sharing at the Manic Mondays blog hop!


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