Toddler Fun!

Trying to fill a toddler’s day

I always like to have a plan for the day, I don’t know if it’s being a good parent or having OCD, or both. I like to know what to expect and how I will keep monkey entertained during the day. 
We are very lucky to live next to such a beautiful park, so we often go there. Now he is walking it is lots of fun. For every outing, no matter how short, I seem to have to take everything bar the kitchen sink. Nappies, wipes, clothes, food, waterproofs and more. I can’t imagine how much stuff I will need with two!

I have a good structure of toddler groups 4 days a week and we fill the rest of the time with the museum, park, swimming, walks and Monkey’s favourite, the cathedral!!

Monkey is obsessed with the cathedral, he loves it so much. Each day is a fun new adventure and I love it!


2 thoughts on “Trying to fill a toddler’s day

  1. I think it just makes you a good parent, not ocd at all! I’m the same. A day without a firm plan usually gets wasted doing nothing and that’s just frustrating 😁


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