Toy Overload!

  For Monkey’s first Christmas we went mad, spoiled him rotten. If I’m honest, I think it was more about us than him! We went to Toys’R’Us just before Christmas, WOW! It is an experience, crazy, crazy!! Kids going mental, riding around on scooters, trying all the toys. 

So, not only did Monkey have way too many toys from us, our family and friends all did the same. We got home from the Christmas celebrations feeling very overwhelmed. 

Since then we barely buy him toys, and I have mentioned to parents, relatives and friends even through we really appreciated the toys ,we just don’t have room in our flat. There is a fantastic Toy Library 2 minutes from our house, which we are keen to join. 

I must say some/most of the toys have been amazing and I have got into the habit of toy circulation (putting some away and swapping them around) which he loves, as he never gets bored! 



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