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 Am I a feeder?

  Myself and my husband are foodies, we love a bit of nosh! 

We mainly eat home cooked food but the odd take away treat doesn’t go a miss too!!
There is nothing better than cooking a good meal, then watch someone enjoy it. I love having people over for dinner. Socialising with lovely friends over food is great, followed by a board game or film.

  Our little family love chicken pies, tuna pasta salad pasta, steaks, oat bars, cakes and lasagne.

My mum makes a cracking lasagne but I’m hot on her heels even if I say so myself! 
My mum encouraged (some times forced) me to cook from an early age but, since being with my husband I have really started to love cooking. 
I love watching monkey explore new foods, he has needed a lot of encouragement to eat. I’ve put this down to his allergies. However, we are starting to have more fun with food now that we have a better understanding of his problem.


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