The monkey escapes

  Usually we are very good at tagging in and out of who is watching the monkey.
But on this occasion we got mixed up!

After returning from a walk whilst staying at my dads, myself and my step mum went into the kitchen to cook dinner (she cooked I sat down, to be honest).

My dad and husband where in the living room, with monkey; I presumed. When I came out 15/20 minutes later and asked where monkey was they said they thought he was with us! Arrrrrrr panic stations!! 

Living room? No monkey? Even more panic I rushed up stairs.
Landing, no!

Then I hear a chit chatter, I walk along the hall to the far bedroom. 

There he was with his coat still on, playing with some toys. 

He looked round as if to say ‘what? I’m ok?’

I grabbed him up with a big cuddle, 

I haven’t felt so panicked and scared in such a long time.

Diary of an imperfect mum


4 thoughts on “The monkey escapes

  1. I’m glad he was ok! The miscommunication thing happens to the best of us so don’t worry about it, just be glad you were at home when it happened!


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