Am I a bad mum for letting monkey watch TV? 

  There are times when I just need to cook, clean, use the toilet or have a bit of a rest. This is when I use the TV; Cbeebies, a wildlife documentary or lovely films. I would like to use the loo in peace, I can’t take the little Monkey holding onto my leg, it is meant to be a private time!! 

During the first trimester of my current pregnancy I was exhausted, it was horrible winter weather and Monkey wasn’t sleeping well. I feel we slipped into a bad pattern of using TV too much, sometimes mummy needs to lie on the sofa and pass out. Growing a baby whilst running after a toddler is hard!!  

I have tried to limit TV again to key times when I need to do something and Monkey won’t play independently (which he can be very good at). A proper meal needs to be made for the hungry husband! 


TV is so easy to use as a parenting tool, part of me thinks it can be a great educational tool with the right programmes, but I do believe it needs to be limited. We have the radio on as background noise whilst we play and get ready for the day, so TV can be saved mainly for when I need to cook in the evenings. Monkey enjoys ‘Plant Rock’, he takes after his mother and biker grandfather! 
As with everything else in life, decisions on using TV is down to personal preference and what works best for your toddler family life. Being a parent is exhausting and we all need a break, it’s finding the balance. 

Diary of an imperfect mum


22 thoughts on “Am I a bad mum for letting monkey watch TV? 

  1. It sounds like you’ve got a good balance 🙂 Radio can be great for little ones. I often put on a bbc podcast for my little ones, they can have fun in the living room while I get some peace in the kitchen 🙂 Thanks for linking up with us #FabFridayPost


  2. Certainly not a bad mother, we all need abit of a rest, especially when pregnant. Its all about everything in moderation.


  3. Please don’t bet yourself up on this. I think if there are any parents out there who says they don’t let their kids watch TV is simply a liar! lol! Really – I have never know one single person that have not let their kids what YouTube or any other media, etc. I for one use a lot of TV – CBeebies mostly, but I have learned to not to go over board and if you do – well perhaps, tomorrow can be a no TV day. 😉 No Biggy. Thank you so much for linking up with us. xx #FabFridayPost


  4. If you’re a bad mummy then so am I! And half the nation I imagine!! Sometimes, especially when there are jobs to be done or the weather is crappy, the TV is the only option!! I used to feel guilty but now I really don’t, my kids have learnt SO much from watching cbeebies, it’s amazing how much they take in!! #fabfridaypost


  5. Sometimes, TV is absolutely necessary. Some days, my son wants to be held and carried around everywhere. Honestly, that’s just impossible and, like you said, things HAVE to get done around the house. I’ve stopped allowing myself to feel guilty for letting him watch TV. Like you said, everything in moderation ❤ #FabFridayPost


  6. I would say no you’re not. I am quite liberal when it comes to TV watching, probably too liberal. It’s part of everyday life though, and watching TV sometimes doesn’t mean you’re a bad parent. #FabFridayPost


  7. I’m the same with my kids, I allow them to watch TV so I can do something else at home, although I try to limit it but most of the time, that’s the last resort to get peace. I don’t think that makes us a bad parent. Being a parent involves a lot of challenges, isn’t it? Lovely post! #FabFridayPost


  8. Balance is key! Mine are now 4,7 & 10 and they are officially only allowed TV and iPads at the weekend or in school hols. But, they are also used as bribery tools and if I am feeling unwell! I think you are right in that there are lots of educational programmes- mine learnt a bit of Spanish from Dora, something that we have continued! Choose wisely!! xx


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