100 Years Loved! 

 Watching someone get old has been such an experience. Positive and negative.
I have got to share so many happy memories with her and the amazing family she has around her.

Betty is now one month over 100, and still as witty as ever.

It brings such joy to me to see how happy my son makes her. However, watching someone get to such an age has a darker and more difficult side to it. We have seen her struggle with carrying out the basic physical things, such as using the toilet, washing and reading. Mentally she is still fine and aware of how her body is slowing down, which must be a difficult experience. I must say, she and those around her supporting her are coping with such love it makes me proud to be part of this family.


I also find myself reflecting on all the amazing things she must have seen in her life of more than 100 years. Two world wars, during one of which she was a nurse; television; mobile phones, all these amazing changes in technology and society. Also, the people she has loved and lost.
It’s mind boggling really, maybe we should all take a moment to ensure we listen to those who are older, as they won’t be there forever.


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Pink Pear Bear


18 thoughts on “100 Years Loved! 

  1. What a gorgeous post alongside such treasurable photos. To think of all what she has lived through is amazing. All those memories that she has to share with you. Wonderful. Thanks for linking up with #TwinklyTuesday


  2. Just beautiful.x
    Such precious photos – I understand what you’re saying about it being difficult to watch someone get old as their body begins to inhibit them despite their mind being as sharp as a pin. I hope she continues to have good health and many more happy moments.xx


  3. Gorgeous posts about an inspiring women. Your extremely lucky to have her in you’re lives. What a legend! Rock on Betty! #Twinklytuesdays X


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