My Gratitude List. 

After receiving several pieces of sad news, I am thankful for all I have!
I have taken a moment not to cry and wonder why these things have happened, and to smile and feel grateful for what I have.

My gratitude list:

– My darling son, who even though he has his moments they are very much outweighed by the joy he brings me. As well as the one I have in my tummy, more fun to come.

– My husband, my best friend, my life partner! Thank you for loving me.

– My amazing parents, you made me who I am. You did a good job.

– My family/family-in-law. You support me so much.

– I have some awesome friends, who chose me, for which I am grateful. Then stuck around. 

– I have so much more but I don’t want to bore you.

– If you like, take a moment to make yourself feel better by thinking about what you have, you can share it or keep it private.



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