Bathing with the socks

Monkey loves swimming, he also loves to have a nice big bubble bath with myself or my husband. 
I usually run the bath and rush around getting everything sorted, it has become tradition that the monkey throws everything into the bath that he can get his hands on. 

Tonight it was toys, a cloth, an empty packet of baby wipes and conditioner…. And a sock.

But last week we had an egg box (which started to disintegrate), toys and daddies sock!

The joys of motherhood.

 I have a totally different son this week, he has hit the terrible twos for sure!! There have been times when I have cried, but now I try to just laugh at the tantrums. 

But underneath it all is my beautiful son, whom I love no matter what he throws at me! (Literally, he throws stuff at me!)   


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