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Facebook Free!!

  Facebook has been such a big part of my,  and I’m sure most of my generation’s, life. I have been on it since a teenager, hooked for years. 
It has helped me when I have been lonely, so many friends at a click of a button. I could keep up with people I would otherwise have lost contact with.

Sociable, yes, but not real life sociable. I would quickly turn on my ‘phone for a glance to catch up with the girls, which would turn into 5 minutes. Where this was fine before, I now have my beautiful monkey, changing all the time at my feet. I needed to get back to reality. I tried deleting the app from my ‘phone but I found I kept having a peak through the Internet on my ‘phone. I have no self control sometimes, so a month and a half ago I deactivated my account.

I do miss keeping up with everyone but it feels so liberating and it means I can focus on what is happening in front of me, not the screen. I didn’t grow up seeing my parents on their ‘phones or laptops all the time, so why should monkey? Yes I still go on my ‘phone but I try hard to limit it when he is there. I also find I do more in the evening instead of just catching up on Facebook.
I have more contact with people one to one, via text or WhatsApp, instead of just keeping up with their profile on Facebook. If I have something to say I can write about it on my blog at night or the very rare nap time.

I don’t know how long I will stay off Facebook, my husband has now joined me and deactivated his account, too. He has suggested the next step is going back to non-smart ‘phones, which I like the idea of, but it will limit other parts of my life like blogging and checking emails. Plus my work within the library group and the theatre company that I am in. Maybe these thing should be for night or nap times? Maybe this is the next step?? We shall see.

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26 thoughts on “Facebook Free!!

  1. I love the idea of spending less time on social media! It’s hard to unplug from it completely, because many of the mommy groups I’m in communicate via FB, but it definitely takes time away from other things I want to be focusing on. Good for you for doing this! Thanks for sharing at the Manic Mondays blog hop!

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  2. Congrats on successfully getting rid of it. I don’t use it on my phone but I do find myself checking out my ipad a lot. I tend to use it more for articles but I am obsessed with others’ pictures. I commend you on what you did, I wonder if I could do the same? Hmm…


  3. Facebook is slowly dying and fading away…we don’t really socialise with friends on FB anymore we just scroll through profiles or silly videos. Nothing better than meeting mates face to face! #TwinklyTuesday


  4. Well done you! I must say I’m not a huge Facebook fan but I’d struggle without Instagram. I am a generation before you and remember life without social media, in some ways it was better, I worry for my kids who even talk to each other on their smart phones when they are sat in the same room! #TwinklyTuesday


  5. This was an interesting post to read. I totally know what you mean about a quick check turning into longer. I don’t use Facebook so much now I have my daughter, but I am definitely still guilty of getting wrapped up in it when I should be doing something else – I just like to be nosey! #TwinklyTuesday


  6. I am inspired by this article. I need to cut down my use of social media. In the past I have tried a blackout night where my husband and I don’t use them one evening a week too. I need to cut down again as I can feel my usage times increasing… #TwinklyTuesday


  7. It’s addictive which is annoying but I don’t think I could give it up, at least not now anyway, maybe it’s not my time. However, my partner doesn’t have a facebook at all so it kind of stops me being on there all the time because he isn’t. Life was less complicated when social media was still a thing of the future though! #twinklytuesday


  8. I’ve been tempted, but it’s a repository of all my boys baby photos – a burglar stole all our originals. I just need to curtail the time I’m on it!! #twinklytuesday


  9. If it makes you happy… well done you! It’s so important to spend quality time with the little ones. I feel like I have blinked, and time has flown with my Little Button. #TwinklyTuesday xx


  10. Yay for being Facebook-free! I deleted my account last year and haven’t regretted it at all. The people I want to stay in touch with I can find on whatsapp (which is more personal then a random like on Facebook) and the rest were just people I barely knew! I think Facebook has its benefits but it can become a little much if you’re not careful..


  11. Thats a hard step to take and I am choosing to say no to Facebook throughout the hours of 9-7 and then that way I can focus on mothering and my part time consulting job….the rest of the time I can socialize with my kids or face to face! Great job Mama!


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