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Listen to wise David! 

  I think most, if not all, mothers can relate to comparing their child’s development to another child. It’s normal and hard not to do it. At the start they all begin the same. But they soon start to learn new things at different rates: sleeping, rolling, crawling, eating, talking and many more mile stones.

Monkey has always been slightly physically behind his friends, there is nothing wrong with this as he has focused more on his talking (if you know my husband and myself this won’t be a surprise!) I cannot wait to take him on long walks or run after him, I didn’t walk until I was 2 so I can’t complain. 

I am learning not to compare him to others but instead treasure each new development, and it makes me beam inside. 
At first it was hard at times to know what to do with him, he was so independent and quite happy doing his own thing. Which meant I could get on with what needed doing. Now things are clicking into place, he is so much more interactive. He suddenly gets things, and I feel more able to teach him. We play together and he will talk to me, it’s amazing to hear my son telling me about his world. 
I used to day dream about all the wonderful things he could learn and how we could explore the world together, now we are starting to and I love it!

 Sometimes being pregnant with a toddler is hard and I have found the ‘David Attenborough: The Plant Earth’ series is lovely for when we are tired and need to chill. Monkey loves all the animals and I love watching Monkey being excited by the plants. ‘What’s that?’ he asks. I don’t have a clue so we need to listen to wise David. 

 Tired out from all the fun! 


2 thoughts on “Listen to wise David! 

  1. Oh what a nice post laura. Very very true….

    After all the tests we had with leila i kept thinking my mother instinct was wrong. That i was giving her slack for not being so physically advanced as others. All the tests came out OK now which just proves that mother knows best 🙂 and like you said, its so nice to spend time learning from each other!! I might try David A soon as im bored of watching frozen 😂


    1. So glad they went well, she’s doing so well!
      It’s so hard to worry about what they are or are not doing. And David A is great I can’t watch frozen anymore lol!! So glad you liked the blog thank you xx


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