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The Pine Nut Challenge! 


Monkey’s test results came back positive to most nuts but negative to pine nuts and walnuts. This means we have to complete food challenges with these nuts to see what happens if he eats them. These challenges are done in hospital with the help of trained professionals.

On the build up to our first nut challenge I was incredibly nervous. I have spent so long keeping him away from nuts that it goes against everything in me to even buy nuts with the prospect of feeding them to him.
It was decided that we would start with pine nuts as, even though walnuts have come back negative, he could still have a reaction to them.

First they took his OBs and looked at his eczema so we could see if it got any worse. 
Then they started by rubbing a pine nut on to monkey’s lip. We waited 15 minutes, but nothing!

Then 2 pine nuts were crushed into yogurt for him to eat, 15 minutes later nothing.
4 nuts in yogurt … nothing 

Then 6, still all fine.

By the time we got to 10, he was eating pasta and refused the yogurt mix. So pasta and yogurt it was. Still nothing!!!!!! Before each nut and yogurt mixture his OBs where taken. 

 We were allowed into the big play room, where monkey quickly found a friend to play cars and talk about flying planes with.

We had to wait an hour and a half after the last nut to see what, if anything, would happen. 

I’m so happy I could cry, this is one step up on the ladder of nuts!

So many questions?
-Can I give him pine nuts? Yes, 2-3 times a week after 48 hours.

-Does this mean we still have to avoid things that say ‘may contain nuts’? Yes, He still can’t have anything that says ‘may contain nuts’

Total time in hospital: 3 hours 15 minutes 

It’s a beautiful day, so I treated monkey to an ice lolly.
He can’t do any exercise for the rest of the day as it could bring on a reaction, so a cuddle, book and film after a nice walk home through the park in the sun. 

 To be continued, with The Walnut Challenge…………..

  Ice cream selfie 



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