Dyspraxia, Monkey and Me! 

“Dyspraxia, a form of developmental co-ordination disorder (DCD) is a common disorder affecting fine and/or gross motor co-ordination in children and adults. It may also affect speech. ”

Well the monkey will be two in a few months and I haven’t caused him any serious damage, which is much better than I was expecting.

Being a mother with dyspraxia was a bit of a worrying prospect, how could clumsy me have such a fragile baby to look after?
Labour was hard, trying to co-ordinate breathing and pushing while on gas and air is not an easy task. I remember Dan and my mum telling me when to push and breathe, and in return I was telling them where to go!

When they first handed me a tiny bundle just after giving birth, I was still high on gas and air, and I was so worried I would drop him.

At about 6 months, one of my mum friends got a door bouncer for her son. I quickly rushed off to get monkey one thinking what a great idea this was. We carefully put it up, strapped him in one side and he promptly fell out the other side on to our hard floor. I was devastated, I quickly rushed him to the doctors and spent the next few hours in the hospital.

Unfortunately my aim is so shocking that when I have gently thrown a ball back into monkey’s ball pit I have missed and hit poor monkey. Luckily this was very light and he just shook it off.
Another very embarrassing moment was when I was trying to shuffle some chairs around in a sing-along- circle at a playgroup. Instead of sliding the chair gently with my friend’s child on it, I tipped the chair slightly throwing the poor thing off. I felt so awful, fortunately she was in one piece. 

There are times when I wonder whether monkey has dyspraxia, he will sometimes crawl and slip face first to the floor. Even if he has, it is still too early to tell and it wouldn’t matter, it would just be one more way he’s like me.  
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