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To nut or not to nut!


As I have mentioned before weaning was terrible! As a mother you want to protect your child, so when weird things kept happening to the monkey; we panicked.

Hives would appear on his body, strange rashes, symptoms of eczema and more. We kept taking him to the doctors, ringing 111 or going to A&E in extreme cases. I knew there was more to these extreme reactions than just eczema.
At first we suspected dairy, but after a while he seemed to have outgrown his initial reactions. Now milk before bed is one of his favourite activities.

I took photos, and documented what I thought had caused the reoccurring reactions. Finally we narrowed it down to nuts. We were referred to the allergy clinic at the hospital.
I must say it was horrific!
For a patch test they had to prick the skin and he was hysterical.
After the first few patches he couldn’t take anymore. Just seeing the doctor coming near him would make him cry! In the end he had to have bloods taken to find out what nuts he was allergic to and if he was allergic to chickpeas.

The results took 3 months, it felt like forever!

When the results finally came through, all I saw was maybe positive, slightly negative, pretty sure yes but then maybe no. Nothing was definitive…I felt so confused!

We are still awaiting more tests but for the time being we are avoiding all nuts. But it has been confirmed he is allergic to chickpeas. 

Avoiding nuts and chickpeas, have been hard, you have to check everything. ‘May Contain Nuts’ is my favourite hated phrase, I see it everywhere.

Going from encouraging him to try everything to stopping him so I could check his food is hard! It’s sad to know much he will need to watch what he eats.
It’s a long road to adapting to no nuts and chickpeas but I’m sure the monkey will make it a fun one!
Just looking at the photos below make me feel emotional at how much discomfit my baby had to go through at such a young age.

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