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Weaning is a swear word in this house!

The monkey has always been difficult with food!
While all the other babies were starting to dig in, not wanting to stop eating, he wasn’t interested!   I kept trying and he kept refusing!

I was really looking forward to weaning, letting him try all those new things. I used to day dream about it when I was pregnant.

It ended up being very stressful, will he eat/ won’t he!?!?
We tried it all: baby led weaning, purees (which I wasn’t very good at), ignoring him, eating with him, TV, no TV, the aeroplane spoon, no spoon.

The little love was just a fussy boy.

The key is……… there is no key, just hold your breath and hope!

Even now he doesn’t eat much, he loses weight, he stays on track. But he’s not a small child, at least!

So don’t panic, you’re not alone!!

Oats, oat bars, porridge – as long as it’s oats he will eat them! I put everything in his oat bars, he loves them!

Still, at 20 months he’s not a massive eater but, hey ho!, that’s my boy!!! He still loves the oats!


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